An Open Letter To Parents

If You Think Your Kids Are Cute…

If you think your kids are cute then you are a parent just like me.

And like me, you may not be comfortable sharing photos of your cute kids on any platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) or other corporations. But there are grandparents and aunts and uncles and best friends who would LOVE to see all of those amazing pics of your cute kids and are missing out. I had this exact problem, so I set out to fix it. I found a programmer in Bellingham and together (just the two of us) we created Fireside: A Private Social Network. A place for people to share and be social, privately. A network where only your direct connections see anything you post, and members are not searchable.

Now comes the hard part: since members are not searchable you have to actively invite the people you want to connect with to join you on Fireside. You can keep your network as big or as small as you want and leave the people you aren’t close enough to on Facebook.

If you have cute kids, and are a parent like me, join Fireside and invite your closest family and friends. Your parents will be happy you did.

Thank you for reading, O’Hara Jiménez – Have questions? Email me!

Learn More About Fireside

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