Who is Fireside?

My name is O’Hara Jiménez

I am a woman, a mom, a wife and an ex-advertising executive. I have three kids and friends and family all over the world. My friends are the people in my wedding party, my best friends in high school, kindred spirits I met while living in Brooklyn, and people with whom I have traveled the world. I strive for honesty, elegance and simplicity in my life and see no reason why I can’t demand the same from social media.

I take control

Looking at my options for staying connected with my closest friends and family I found nothing inspiring, nothing truly private, and very little that was honest. I decided to create my own place to communicate. I was determined to work with a local programmer, someone I could sit down with and really dig into the process; an amazing man named Mark Conover answered the call. I built Fireside for me and no one else– no advertisers, no corporations, no venture capitalists. I have the right to post amazing thoughts and pictures of my kids, my art, my life without worrying about the privacy of my data or being subject to advertising; I have exercised that right by creating Fireside.

I pay in dollars

The internet isn’t free. It’s as simple as that. There are many ways to get people to pay for the services they are using, the most popular being serving ads and harvesting user data to sell to corporations so they can serve the user more ads. I pay for my online experience in dollars instead of data. I expect a clean social experience where I know exactly what price I am paying.

I own my privacy

I have beautiful children and lead an awesomely flawed and full life. I control who sees the most important moments of my life, and I revel in the closeness I feel with my best friends and family no matter how far from me they live. I control my data. I own my privacy. I’m on Fireside.

Learn More

Email me. I’d love to hear from you: connect@connectfireside.com