Frequently Asked Questions. Have a question we don’t answer here? Email us! connect@connectfireside.com

  1. Q: My Fireside page is blank or is only showing one or two posts, what happened? A: For one reason or another it didn’t fully load. Simply go to Fireside/Settings and click Re-boot Fireside.
  2. Q: How do I find who is on Fireside? A: One of the features of Fireside is that members are not “searchable”. Go to Fireside/Invite and choose Invite to send invitations to people through text, email or even Facebook or Google+. 
  3. Q: Can I click on a connection and see everything they have posted or click on myself and see what I have posted? A: Yes. Go to Fireside/Settings and choose My Connections. There you can choose whose posts you want to see individually.
  4. Q: How do I see the new remarks I got notifications for? A: When your flame is red it means you have new items (remarks or invitations) click on the flame and then click on the new items to view them and to clear them from the que to turn your flame black again.
  5. Q: How do I refresh my Fireside page to see if there are new posts? A: Pull down and release your Fireside page to refresh.
  6. Q: Can I add videos? A: Not at this time. We hope to introduce video soon!
  7. Q: Why do I have to enable Push Notifications for Fireside to work? A: We use notifications as a delivery mechanism for your new invitations and remarks. While we do require you to enable notifications in the settings on your phone, you have full control of what notifications you see outside off the app. You can turn any or all of the notifications off in Fireside/Settings Notifications.
  8. Q: How is Fireside different from Facebook? A: Fireside is a private app which means none of your information is shared or sold to third parties for advertising and there is no advertising on Fireside. We also think it is much prettier. 😉
  9. Q: How do I know when someone I’m connected with remarks on my post? A: When the flame at the top right of your Fireside page is red it means you have new items. New items can be invitations to join someone’s Fireiside, or New Remarks. You will receive notification of a New Remark every time someone remarks on one of your posts, or remarks on a post you previously remarked on. Also, you can choose to see a notification outside of the app every time you have a new remark. You can control your notifications in your Fireside Settings/Notifications.
  10. Q: Can I save posted images to my phone? A: Yes. Go to the full screen view of the image you want to save. “Long-press” or hold your finger /thumb on the screen until you see a dialogue bubble. You will be given the option to save, and it will save to your photo album on your phone.
  11. Q: Can I delete posts? A: Yes, you can delete any of your own posts. “Long-press” or hold your finger /thumb on the screen until you see a dialogue bubble. You will be given the option to delete (only if it is your post.)
  12.  Q: How long will my Fireside stay available? A: We have a 1GB data limit for each user. Currently each image you upload is under 1MB of data, so you can upload over 1,000 pictures before you reach your limit. Once you have reach 1GB your posts will be deleted off the servers (and therefore off your Fireside) from oldest to newest to keep your usage at 1GB. Read more about our 1GB policy here.
  13. Q: How far back can I go on my Fireside? A: You can go as far back as your first post, or if you have hit the 1GB limit as far back as the oldest post on our servers.
  14. Q: Can I use Fireside on my iPad? A: Yes! You can also use Fireside on the iTouch.