There is no such thing as a “free” social media website or app

You may not pay in dollars, but you pay with your personal information: you don’t know what is being collected or how it is being used.  We have decided to use a transparent and honest business model that shows you the cost of the app up-front: Fireside is a membership-based service, allowing us to remain free of advertising and data mining, we do not collect personal information about you and we do not claim usage rights to anything you post.

Your first three months are free! You will not be charged unless you choose to continue your membership through an in-app purchase.

Membership price: 1 Year 19.99 USD

To put this cost into prospective it equals out to just 5¢ a day.

Join Fireside today knowing that with a small monthly fee you are getting a social media app with honest privacy built into the business model. Memberships can be purchased through the app in settings/membership.