Thank You

Thank you for helping to support Fireside! Another great way to ensure Fireside stays alive is to tell other people about it: friends, relatives, co-workers, “mom-friends.” They don’t need to be people you want to connect with on Fireside, just people that you think might enjoy the simple, honest and private sharing space as much as you do. If you have a moment, send a quick text or email to 5 people you know now that might love Fireside! Here is some text you can copy and paste, or use as a guide. And thank you again for the support.



I’m using a simple, private and honest new sharing network called Fireside and thought you might like it, too. I am connected to only my closest family and friends, and use it as a way to share photos and thoughts without the distractions of advertising or worrying about my data being harvested or tracked. If it sounds interesting check out their website Download the app and then get some close family and friends to join you. If you are like me, you will love the experience.

Take Care!



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